Video Textbook

Quick View Option Want a different take on the material in your textbook? Watch a 27-minute video on stuff you're stuck on. You'll definitely learn something and might even come away with a laugh. Only $1. The price says $2.99, but you can use a voucher code (studentview1) so you will really pay only $1.00.  


Sub Plans / Flipped Classroom Choose one of the 98 videos that matches where your class is. Once you buy the video ($10), you'll get a code emailed to you. Share that code with your students. They will enter it in the voucher field, so they don't have to put in a credit card number. Have them click on the green "take quiz" box. As they watch the video, they will take a 10 question quiz.  Each quiz has different questions. The quiz asks students for your email address and their name. When each student is done, you will get an email with their score.   


Subscription Plan Do you want access to all 98 videos without having to buy each one individually? Or, do you want access to a chapter at a time?  Extended leave for a teacher? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss what subscription option will work you.

Sample Video Lesson


Unit 1 Introduction to Psychology 5 video modules
Unit 2 Psychological Research 4 video modules
Unit 3 BioPsychology 11 video modules
Unit 4 Sensation & Perception  6 video modules
Unit 5 Consciousness 7 video modules
Unit 6 Learning & Conditioning 7 video modules
Unit 7 Memory & Cognition 10 video modules
Unit 8 Emotion & Motivation 9 video modules
Unit 9 Human Development 5 video modules
Unit 10 Personality Theories 4 video modules
Unit 11 Intelligence 5 video modules
Unit 12 Abnormal Psychology 10 video modules
Unit 13 Therapy 7 video modules
Unit 14 Social Psychology 9 video modules